ADWEEK: DOM JOSEPH, 5 Ways to Avoid the Much-Dreaded End of Year Burnout

Let’s be real, the advertising and media industry is relentless. “Work hard, play hard” has been the norm for many of us who have been in the industry our entire professional careers. The end of year pressure cooker makes it difficult to look up and look out. Let’s step out of the heat for a second and pivot because Q4 doesn’t have to feel this way.

Many of us thrive off the pace our industry and businesses have set. Monthly cycles of planning, pitching, proposals and targets keep our teams circulating in a pattern of high energy, high pressure and high performance. Continual client pitches can lead to euphoric highs and hard-to-swallow lows. Even programmatic still has an intense monthly workload to drive maximum performance for clients. The constant quest for innovation, uncapped creativity and new ways of understanding consumers leaves many of us feeling like we need to find new ways to do more.

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