BeTheChange Talks ft. Susanne Given

“Be comfortable with the uncomfortable”

On Wednesday 31st January Susanne Given, Chairman of and Eurostar kicked off BeTheChange talks for 2018. Both the Captify team and friends from across the industry came together at Captify HQ to hear about Susanne’s inspirational career journey and gain an insight from her learnings along the way.

Holding various senior positions at some of the world’s most renowned brands Susanne firstly gave advice about the importance of investing ones’ human capital. She described a term called ‘pivoting’ were people should take the opportunity to learn from different areas and departments within their business. As employees, it is important to stay valuable and relevant ensuring that people never stop learning and developing. Sometimes people and organisations can be resistant to change, so it is important to remain dynamic to avoid being left behind.

Susanne also shared a frank and honest insight into self-care and self-awareness. ‘Sometimes all you can do is pay the rent, and that is the most important thing, so do what you can’. Reminding attendees that they’re all human at the end of the day. Even the most driven successful people sometimes need to take time out and care for what matters most, like family. Overcoming those hurdles can lead to huge strides forward, a message that really resonated with the audience.

Boasting a track record of success across the consumer spectrum Susanne finally spoke about how we should take responsibility to inspire the people around us. Regardless of seniority or age, we should all consider the perception people have of us. Everyone owes it to each other to work hard and share their knowledge and passion to ultimately inspire the people they work with.


Who? Natalie Monbiot, SVP Futures on Samsung at Starcom
When? April 26
Where? Captify NYC

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