Captify reveals the top 30 global brands sparking consumer happiness this January

In January, being blue is not so true! In a brand-new insights piece ‘The Brand Happiness Index’, Captify deep-dives into the top 30 global brands that are sparking consumer joy this January, based on the highest positive search sentiment.

Despite consumers kicking off 2020 with ‘Veganuary’ and ‘New Year, New Me’, Dunkin’ is the number one brand that consumers associate with happiness through search…clearly food is the way to a consumer’s heart! Other high indexing brands include Papa John’s, Revlon, Krispy Kreme and Nivea.

When looking more closely at the verticals associated with positive search sentiment, Food, Beauty & Fashion, Travel and Tech are giving consumers the ‘feel good’ factor.

Take a look at the full Brand Happiness Index here.