CB News: Pernod Ricard discusses Search Intelligence campaign for Absolut Recycled activated by Captify

Laurent Burel, Global Media & Content Leader at Pernod Ricard, discusses a recent Search Intelligence campaign activated by Captify.

ADTECHNEWS: You’ve called on Captify to promote a limited, premium Absolut edition Vodka line, Absolut Recycled. Why did you resort to Search Intelligence? 

Laurent Burel: Pernod Ricard had already adopted a new business model totally consumer-focused 5 years ago. This is reflected in our approach to digital, where we are always looking for opportunities to offer consumers personalized experiences. We found Captify’s solution relevant because it has allowed us to build complementary audience segments to those we traditionally activate in digital campaigns. Captify specializes in analyzing keywords from searches made on partner websites (comparative websites, media, e-commerce…) for media targeting purposes. This has enabled us to introduce performance into an awareness campaign, by reaching users at the top of the funnel, including before they have become of our product offering or entered the purchase phase.

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