CBS News: Why Walmart, Target and eBay are banking on Amazon Prime Day bonanza

Amazon Prime Day is pegged by the online retailer as a “two-day parade” of deals. Its rivals are banking that some of that celebration rubs off on them.

 There’s some evidence that Walmart, eBay, Target and other big retailers are getting some bang for Amazon’s buck: These retailers generated a bump in interest in internet searches ahead of Prime Day, according to research from search data company, Captify.

Hitching their sales to Amazon’s Prime Day is a smart move, given that many consumers without Amazon’s $119 annual Prime membership are likely curious about what deals they might find, said Infosys Consulting partner Jerry Kurtz. It also means they’re ready for consumers if Amazon suffers a site outage, as it did during 2018’s Prime Day.

“Amazon’s rivals like Target, Walmart and eBay are looking to capitalize on Amazon Prime Day by having sales and discounts in place in case Amazon’s site has issues again like last year’s website crash,” Kurtz said. “Walmart and Target are playing up the fact that customers don’t need a membership to score deals, unlike Amazon.”

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