DMN: Under the Tree for 2019: Customer Experience & Beyond

Our experts aren’t done yet sharing their gifts of foresight by the fire. This round covers all facets of customer experience. And in the spirit of giving, and getting what you wish for, later on in this concluding episode, we swap topics (Yankee swap style) and extend our 2019 predictions into previously unpredictable territories.

Voice search – In 2019, voice search will have a huge impact, as early adopters (publishers/advertisers) will benefit from increased consumer engagement and more insight gained from the unique data sets that will emerge as a result. With this, consumers will be able to engage with their favorite publishers and advertisers on the devices they use every day, such as mobile, tablet and desktop. So long as voice search offers a variety of choices and options to the consumers, the opportunities to understand what consumers are truly interested in on the most natural level are endless. Another area we’ll see voice search have a significant impact is through smart assistants like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, as both companies continue to search for ways to monetize voice search via advertising without compromising consumer experience. Should they be successful, both could see significant increases in consumers using voice search to shop online.

— Dominic Joseph, co-founder and CEO, Captify

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