el publicista: What are the global trends for beauty brands?

Thanks to Search Intelligence, useful information is obtained so that professionals in the consumer goods sector can better understand the behaviour of users throughout the entire costumer journey, from the purchase intention to the conversion, with the aim of carry out meaningful and effective marketing strategies.

Captify and Publicis Media have carried twelve months of analysis of billions of monthly searches to discover the key trends that will transform the global beauty industry in 2019 and beyond.

The ‘ Coming Clean ‘ report reveals the main beauty trends, disruptive brands and user preferences in the largest consumer goods ecosystem by using search intelligence to discover the true purchase intention that exists behind user behaviour, thus enabling to marketing professionals identify their true audience to directly address it.

Consumer goods advertisers face significant challenges as consumer loyalty decreases for brands, direct consumer marketing growth and demand for personalisation by consumers. In this context, efficient brands and marketing strategies should be developed and promoted with dynamic data that provide a multidimensional vision of the consumer’s journey with a focus on user behaviour on the Internet. This information is provided by the internal search engines of the different sites, allowing brands to know both their target audience and how to connect with it.

“The launch of our report comes at the right time because it has never been so important for advertisers to hear signals pointing to the consumer’s intention to purchase in order to take advantage of the competition, aligning with what their audience wants and you need, informing you of the development of future products, “says Dominic Joseph, co-founder and CEO of Captify. “Publicis Groupe was an ideal research partner because they share our commitment to provide transformative information that helps advertisers face current challenges and make their business evolve, which is especially critical for consumer goods brands when faced with to new consumers and competitors, “he adds.

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