Forbes: Data Shows ‘Captain Marvel’ Is Powering Up #MeToo And #IWD

The fact that Marvel Studios’ Captain Marvel hits the screens on International Women’s Day is not being lost on the millions of fans looking forward to the first Marvel film with a female title character. According to data from the metrics firm Captify, there’s been a 73% uplift in searches for Captain Marvel related to female empowerment movements including #MeToo, #TimesUp and #IWD2019.

“People are organically searching for the movie right now,” says Anand Sidiqui, Global VP of Insights and Analytics for Captify. “This specific surge in search volume reveals that the messaging connecting ‘Captain Marvel’ with female empowerment, perhaps through the press, social media, commercials etc., resonated with the people exposed to it.”

In other words, Captain Marvel is tapping into the same powerful social forces that are raising awareness of gender disparities, sexual harassment and systemic sexism. The data suggests a strong correlation between the number of fans who seek out information about the movie and increased engagement with other female empowerment issues.

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