Getting to know Captify’s new Chief of People, Shaun Bradley

We speak to Shaun Bradley, Captify’s newly appointed Chief of People to hear about his career journey to date, life at Captify and the best career advice he’s ever received.

Firstly, congratulations on your new role!

Thank you. I’m really happy to be here at Captify.

Can you tell us about your career so far?

My career started in pharmaceutical sales, working for some well-known companies. I moved into people and organisational development as a secondment and really loved it, so I ended up staying. Being able to help others to be the best they can be has always been a motivational driver of mine, seeing others thrive in their careers is incredible.

I moved to Samsung Electronics, where I had a European role managing talent and developing leadership skills across the business. One of my career highlights was being globally recognised for some of the people initiatives piloted in Europe. Just before Captify, I was the People Director at Perkbox, helping the company scale from 100 to 280 people, whilst building and maintaining an engaging culture.

What inspired you to take on this challenge at Captify?

As soon as I started to meet people across the business, I knew it was an exciting opportunity. Captify has an awesome culture and business model, but with fast paced growth comes inevitable ‘growing pains’ – the business becomes more complex and there is a greater need for scalable processes. For example, how we hire more of the best talent from across the globe, how we manage and reward performance, career development, all of which need to work globally and consistently. The foundations of the company are amazing, the challenge is maintaining both the culture and performance in tandem as we continue to grow in 2019 – something that I relish helping Captify accomplish.

What’s the most exciting thing about your new role and what are your plans?

The People Team have done a fantastic job and I am excited to be able to have the opportunity to build on what has already been achieved. My mission is to help Captify become a market leading global company that has a clear purpose and enviable performance, supported by a group of passionate people that really want to come to work every day and be part of something incredible.

Best advice you’ve ever heard or received?

‘Act like a leader, think like an underdog’. For me, this is having the courage to take bold decisions because you have relentless ambition, but even when you’re winning, to stay humble because everything can change in a heartbeat.

What’s the most surprising thing you have learned about media since working within it?

Although this is my first role in the sector, I am surprised how competitive the space is and how in order to stand out you have to be rock solid at what you do, have a clear understanding of customer problems, as well as being able to prove it with data when it comes to the quality and impact of the product solution.

What are your three most recent searches?

‘How to keep a relationship healthy’

‘Dealing with conflict’

‘Next day flower delivery’