MarketWatch: It’s Amazon’s Prime Day but other big retailers also benefit Inc. might host Prime Day, but other big retailers are also reaping the benefits, according to data from Adobe Analytics.

Large retailers, classified as those with $1 billion-plus in annual revenue, experienced a 64% spike in sales versus an average Monday, up from 54% last year.Even smaller sellers are getting a boost, with retailers that make less than $5 million in annual revenue seeing a 30% increase in Monday online sales.

Prime Day now accounts for the third time outside of the holiday shopping season where e-commerce sales exceeded $2 billion. The other two were Labor Day 2018 and the most recent Memorial Day holiday.

“Amazon competitors are not only copying Amazon’s massive 48 hours of hot deals, they are creating events of their own for consumers to look forward to. And it’s working,” said Captify, a search intelligence company, in a statement.

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