MediaPost: Hyundai Leading The Way For Black Friday

Forget stuffing the turkey, let’s go buy a car! Or at least spend a lot of time on the Internet searching for one.

Hyundai has upped its Black Friday game this year, with the brand commanding more than 90% of Black Friday searches for auto, according to Captify. It might have something to do with its “Shopper Assurance” program, which aims to ease the buying process.

Other auto brands on the Black Friday leaderboard, according to Captify, are Audi, Ford, Toyota and Kia.

Even if they didn’t make the list, there’s good news for all automakers. For the first time, Captify is seeing “auto”  as one of the top-searched-for categories for Black Friday. It might be hard for some consumers to fathom making such a big purchase during the holiday season, but if the deals are good enough, maybe it’s enough to push a “maybe” to a “yes.”

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