MediaPost: What Does Search Data Say About The Streaming Wars?

Search behavior can by no means be assumed to link directly to how likely consumers actually are to shell out money for subscriptions to SVOD streaming services, of course — not to mention the fact that by its nature, search is highly influenced by events of the moment and social media trending.

Still, some new search data from the ad-tech/search intelligence firm Captify is intriguing — and may even offer some hints about what consumers most want to know or care most about at this point in time, about upcoming and existing SVODs.

Captify captured and analyzed 41 billion searches around “streaming services” on premium publishers between August 12 and September 11.

One finding: Apple TV+ — which recently made headlines by announcing that it will under-price competitors when it debuts on November 1 ($4.99 or free for a year with the purchase of an Apple device) — was the only streaming service that had a higher volume of searches around price than content.

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