MediaPost: Services Like Instacart Created As A Result Of Pandemic Are Here To Stay

If you haven’t tried curbside pickup for groceries through Instacart, I highly recommend it. Once someone told me I could ask the shopper at the grocer to ensure the meat had an expiration date of at least five days out and to ensure produce and vegetables were extra fresh, everything worked quite well.

It seems I’m not the only one who appreciates this new curbside pickup service. Captify, a search data company, identified a handful of “dramatic shifts” in consumer buying habits since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. It shows a spike in curbside pickup and a decline in home deliveries.

Curbside pick-up rose 458% since March 11, and home delivery has begun to drop, falling 30% month-over-month between April and May.

Attitudes about reopening vary:

1.  83% of consumers are still concerned about returning to stores

2.  Travel searches are up for the first time in three months, rising 19% month-over-month between April and May, but intent scores, meaning whether people intend to purchase, were lower in travel than in any other sector Captify analyzed.

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