PerformanceIn: Independent Ad Tech: Catalysts of Change, Not Storm Chasers

Dominic Joseph CEO of Captify discusses the opportunities for independent ad tech companies to surpass the tripoly of Google, Facebook and Amazon.

Many would say brave mavericks building a business in the headwinds of the triopoly (i.e. Facebook, Google and Amazon) is madness, and if the headlines are to be believed, none of us will come out of the battle unscathed.

Commoditization is more prevalent than ever, and it’s believed by many that the triopoly is the answer to every marketer’s prayers. Reality is, it’s not in anyone’s best interest for one, two, or even three players to dominate the industry. Having fewer players in one ecosystem limits choices, and ultimately, the push to innovate.

Independent ad tech, aptly named the 20-percenters, are in a position to support advertisers in ways the triopoly can’t. While not everyone in this group is thriving, those in the ecosystem that specialize and work out how they can help solve real business challenges for brands at scale will succeed.

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