Retail Dive: Is Blue Apron’s partnership with Costco on the rocks?

Blue Apron said meal kits sales tend to slow during the holidays. It’s possible that consumers are too busy eating out or dining with friends and family, meaning they are spending less time at home and don’t have as great of a demand for meal kits. Presumably, Blue Apron and Costco would have known sales would slow during this time of the year and would have factored in a decline, but the drop may have been more than forecast.

Recent data, however, contradicts Blue Apron’s claim, indicating there could be deeper issues with the partnership. According to data from Captify, a search intelligence company, searches for “Blue Apron” were 188 times higher during the one-month period spanning October 1 to November 8 compared to same period a year ago. The company led consumer searches among meal kit companies. Meanwhile, searches for meal kits overall rose by 2,000%.

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