In 2017 Captify announced new User Scoring capabilities which allow dynamic bid allocation based on a user’s propensity to convert. The User Score combines their search relevancy to the campaign goal, with frequency and recency of search, to deliver a probability of conversion for every user specific to that campaign.

By retrospectively looking at the top converting search terms, Captify’s semantic engine can uniquely pinpoint top converting terms and automatically score a user propensity to convert. This can look beyond more obvious keywords to uncover less intuitive search terms and categories, such as detecting that conversions for an ancestry service highly correlate with search terms linked to having a baby.

User scores are dynamic and constantly evolving in real-time with the users’ search behaviour so bids can dynamically reflect their score at that moment in time for that campaign.

Captify’s testing team recently put the technology to the test on live DR campaigns to gauge the machine’s accuracy and ability to optimise bidding and increase performance for prospecting campaigns.

The machine achieved an amazing 48% uplift in performance.

And this is the just the beginning; performance will improve as the machine learns from experience and Captify continues to invest in enhancing the machine-learning algorithm, helping clients to;

  • Boost conversions & sales 
  • Achieve better ROI through improved campaign performance
  • Reduce media wastage through optimised bidding


What does this mean for the future of traders?

“User Scoring is an exciting evolution of the Captify product and enables us to further optimise performance from search. The strength of the machine is the ability to process the huge scale and complexity of our search data at speed, and do it 24/7 in real-time. This frees traders to concentrate time on more strategic campaign decisions and activities. Traders can also understand brands and make judgements that a machine couldn’t. The meeting of the power of algorithmic trading with the human mind will enable us to achieve the best results for our clients.”

(Glen Ames, Captify CPO)

Speak to your Captify Account Manager today about including User Scoring in your DR campaigns to turbo-charge performance.